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 The design of bezel edge


In order to protect the 2mm insulating area inside the silver line, the bezel edge should be set between the viewing area and the active area (it is better to cover the viewing area no more than 1.5mm)

 Surface gap


In order to avoid any error operation ,it will be safe to keep the gap between bezel edge and touch screen panel about 0.5mm.



1. Gasket can be used as a cushion put between bezel edge and touch screen panel. Besides the material of it should be in high consistency but not too hard
2. The function of the other side of gasket is to prevent the direct connection between bezel edge and the ITO PET lying on the top of touch screen panel. Due to the different coefficient of expansion ,the PET may be distorted under this condition. Therefore it is very important to put the gasket inside the silver line area without covering the viewing area.



Do not pleat the tail to avoid circuit broken:
A. the integral tail : the minimum curving radius is 4mm, showing as the drawing A
B. the separated tail : the minimum curving radius of FPC is 2mm and HSC is 1.5mm, showing as the drawing B



Touch screen panel could be plastered on the surface of LCD by double side type ,it is not wise to glue the bezel edge onto the surface of touch screen directly, because it may cause the surface layer and the bottom layer separated in the future.

 Forbidden area


In the 2mm sensitive area inside the silver line , do not use pen to draw around the bezel edge .On the contrary , this area should be covered by bezel.